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SONAX Profiline Fabric Coating 03103000

SONAX Profiline Fabric Coating 03103000




The innovative formulation is free of fluorocarbon resins and uses high-quality silicone resins to impregnate convertible tops, seats, tents, outdoor textiles, etc., making them extremely water-repellent (contact angle >150°).

Clean the surface and rinse with plenty of water so that the cleaner is completely rinsed off the textile fibers.
shake bottle.
Put impregnation on an application sponge , apply to the dry surface and spread immediately in an even motion.
If necessary, repeat after a short intermediate drying.
Let the object dry completely. It should then not get wet for at least 1 hour.
The durability of the impregnation is improved by heat, eg direct sunlight or warm air after application.


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