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RING H4 Xenon200 Headlight bulbs twinpack

RING H4 Xenon200 Headlight bulbs twinpack

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Brighter Headlamp





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Xenon200 are a like for like replacement of standard H4 headlamps. Xenon200 is a range of performance halogen bulbs that provide up to 200% more light on the road ahead. Their exceptional brightness and longer beam allow motorists to see potential hazards and other motorists earlier. Providing a colour temperature that is up to 3700K means a whiter look in the headlamp and better reflections of road markings and signs for safer night-time driving. They are E approved and road legal and offer motorists instant improvements in visibility.
The Xenon200 bulbs are available in 100% recyclable packaging. The design and pack style is part of Ring’s mission to become greener and more sustainable to help the planet.


  • +200% brighter H4 performance halogen upgrade bulb
  • Ring's brightest performance upgrade
  • More light on the road ahead allowing drivers to see more
  • Better visibility of road markings and signs
  • Up to 3700K colour temperature meaning a whiter look in the headlamp compared to a standard bulb
  • No changes to vehicle wiring requires



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