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QJUTSU body coat pro ceramic coating from soft99

QJUTSU body coat pro ceramic coating from soft99

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Body coat pro ceramic coating



QJUTSU Body coat pro is the latest ceramic coating from soft99


Body coat pro is an advanced two component coating for all who expect uncompromised durability and protection of the paintwork. Thanks to its formula it perfectly emphasises the appearance, giving it a characteristic glassiness and depth. Body coat pro is also the most demanding coating on the QJUTSU line lasting up to 24 months.




1. Apply the product in temperature range 20c - 25c

2. Mix both components by adding the activator to the base coating and shake the bottle well.

3. Wrap the applicator with the attached cloth and soak it with a moderate amount of the final product.

4. Spread the coating evenly with an impregnated applicator in cross-motion

5. Wait 5 mins for the coating to bind to the paint

6. Polish the residue with soft microfiber cloth to achieve a perfect gloss finish

7. Leave the car for a minimum 12 hours in a cool dry place to cure the coating


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