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Millers Millermatic ATF DM Gearbox Oil

Millers Millermatic ATF DM Gearbox Oil


5548 Gearbox Oil

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Premium Automatic Transmission Fluid technology blended with selected fully synthetic base fluids.


Use in automatic transmissions and other equipment which require this type of lubricant. Includes Vickers, Hagglunds Denison, Racine, Rexnord, Sundstrand and Clark Powershift.

User Benefits

  • Easier shifting even at low temperatures. Shorter warm up ensures maximum gearbox efficiency. Stays in grade even under extreme conditions.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Longer drain periods.
  • Excellent high temperature oxidation stability up to 100,000 miles under normal conditions. Stable friction properties increases durability to meet longer warranty periods.
  • Outstanding low temperature fluidity which provides exceptional cold flow properties.



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1 Litre, 5 Litre


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