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Redex DPF Cleaner

Redex DPF Cleaner



Product Description

If you have a modern diesel car, it will most likely have a Diesel Particular Filter. This is a filter which became compulsory a few years ago to help improve emissions. It removes soot from the car’s exhaust by trapping it in the filter.

Unfortunately this means that soot can easily build up in the filter, and eventually it becomes blocked. The soot burns away at high temperatures – such as when you’re driving on a motorway for a long time – but if you drive in a city or do a lot of stop/start driving you won’t burn the soot away, meaning you’ll experience blockages quite regularly.

Redex DPF Cleaner lowers the temperature the soot burns at, meaning it burns away during normal driving without you having to get your engine very hot.

  • Cleans and reactivates DPFs
  • Clears soot fast
  • No costly repairs

Redex DPF Cleaner contains a nano-metal oxide catalyst which reduces the soot’s burning temperature, and is 30% more efficient than other technologies, saving you time, fuel and money.

It’s easy to use- simply pour into your fuel tank.

You can use Redex DPF Cleaner either when the warning light comes on to clear the blockage, or during normal driving to prevent problems occurring.


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