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Leather Cream

Leather Cream



Product Description

Leather is a material which needs special care. Wear, scratches and dirt can cause damage, and over time will dull the appearance, so you need to keep leather nourished and protected to maintain its finish. If your car has a leather interior you’ll want to ensure you keep it in the best condition you can.

To help you, Simoniz has created products specially designed to care for your car’s leather interior. Our Leather Cream can be used on all leather seats and trim to help prevent wear. Simply apply with a clean cloth, leave to work for a few minutes then buff off for an improved finish.

  • Guaranteed to clean, treat and shine
  • Contains nourishing lanolin and natural oils
  • Can be used on all leather seats and trim

Care for your leather interior today with Simoniz Leather Cream.


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