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Autoglym Leather Cleaner 500ml

Autoglym Leather Cleaner 500ml


LC500  A pH neutral formula that quickly and safely cleans all automotive leather and faux leather surfaces


Product Description

Leather requires a special set of products to ensure these hard wearing, yet chemically sensitive surfaces, remain in perfect condition.

Leather Cleaner will not add a shine to your seat, but leave it with a natural matt finish. It is free of silicones and other masking agents that can leave an unpleasant feel to your interior.

Leather care is simple, step 1 is to clean, step 2 is to protect. Leather Cleaner is a pH neutral solution that gently cleans, leaving a natural matt finish ready for protecting with Leather Care Balm.

Pro Tip: Apply Leather Care Balm following cleaning to keep leather supple and crack free


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